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Great anniversaries

The year 2019 may be called the Year of Great Anniversaries. It brings the memories of events important for Poland. What should we remember about?


WW II started. Germany attacked Poland and sixteen days later, thee astern territories of the country were annexed by the Soviet Union (80th anniversary)


In Warsaw, the Polish Pope uttered the memorable words: Let your Spirit descend (…) and renew the face of the earth! The face of this land!” (40th anniversary)


The Round Table Talks started which led to the partially free elections in Poland (30th anniversary)


The first, partially free, elections to theParliament took place. This date isconsidered as the end of Communism in Poland. The new chapter in the history of not only Poland but also of Europe and the world was started (30th anniversary)


Poland, together with the Czech Republic and Hungary, joined NATO (20th anniversary)


Poland joined the European Union (15th anniversary)