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Calendar 2004-2019



1 May – at midnight on the dot, Poland, together with Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, Slovakia, Slovenia and Hungary, became a member of the European Union. Never before have so many countries joined the Community at a time.

13-29 August – the Summer Olympic Games were held in Athens. The Polish team came back home with ten medals, including three gold ones.


1 May – the Frontex Agency started its official operation. Its task is to guard security of the external European Union borders. Currently, Frontex is seated in Warsaw, at Pl. Europejski, of course.


24 August – the astronomers deprived Pluto of a honourable title of the planet, renaming it a dwarf planet. In this way, since that moment our Solar System includes eight, not nine, planets.


1 January – the European Union enlarged again. This time, the European family was joined by Bulgaria and Romania.

21 December – an extremely important date for enthusiasts of free travelling. Poland joined the Schengen Area, thanks to which our borders with the EU countries fell into oblivion. And what we need to travel within the EU is only our identity card.


8-24 August – the Olympic Games in Beijing. The world was enchanted by the local Olympic stadium, which had been shaped as a nest. The Polish athletes came back home with eleven medals, including four gold ones.

10 September – on the border of France and Switzerland, deep underground, one of the biggest man-made machines ever was put into operation. We are talking here about the Large Hadron Collider, i.e. a device to examine various physical phenomena, thanks to which we can learn the mysteries of the world (and of the universe). 


4 January – the highest building of the world, i.e. Burj Khalifa in Dubai, was opened. It is 828 metres high, but currently a building higher than 1 kilometre is being built in Saudi Arabia!What is interesting, before the Burj Khalifa was opened, the highest structure of the world had been in…Poland. It was a radio mast in Konstantynów in the Płocki District, which was 646 metres high. It does not exist any longer.


1 July – the first Polish presidency in the European Union was commenced. One of the most important tasks of our country was to sign a treaty thanks to which Croatia could join the European Union. The task proved successful.


8 June-1 July – the great feast of football fans – in Poland and Ukraine, the European Championship in this discipline, simply EURO 2012, was held. The organisation of the event was deemed a great success of both countries.

27 July-12 August – for the third time, London became a host of the Olympic Games. During the Games, the Polish team won eleven medals, including three gold ones.


1 July – Croatia became a member of the European Union. 


21 September – great joy in the world of sport. The Polish team won the Volleyball Men’s World Championship. This volleyball success was achieved after a match with Brazil in Spodek in Katowice. 


5-21 August – the first Olympic Games in history held in South America – in Rio de Janeiro. Again, the Polish team came back home with eleven medals. Two of them were gold. 


30 September – again, the Polish volleyball players became the world champions and again after a match with Brazil. It looks that our team have victory in their blood. 

11 November – we celebrated the 100th anniversary of regaining independence by Poland. The stylised inscription “independent” which accompanied the celebration, will certainly stay in the memory of the Poles for many years.


26 March – the European Parliament decided that the change of time from summer to winter and the other way round, which is not liked by the European, will go down in history as early as in 2021. Each European Union country will decide on introducing either summer or winter time permanently.

1 May – Poland celebrated its 15th anniversary of the European Union membership – the time of challenges and incredible transformations of our country, which may be seen in this album.